Academic Programs

Our programs and curriculum respond to the educational needs of a wide variety of areas within the music sector. First and foremost are programs for those who wish to study or are already enrolled in official advanced degrees in music in Performance, Music Education or Production and Management.

We will also soon be expanding our offer to include a variety of master’s degree in the arts as highly specialized interdisciplinary training in the diverse areas within music education. These master’s degrees are undergoing analysis and approval by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA).

Furthermore, our extension courses and ongoing studies activities will make ESMAR’s educational offer available to the benefit of all those interested in extending their training or simply attending a high-quality educational program.

Undeniably, our curriculum will provide a level of education commensurate of official advanced degrees in music, an education that we hope will match Spain’s prestigious and historic tradition. We also want to innovate so as to adapt and update this training to our day and age, organizing it in such a way that it meets the educational needs of musicians of the 21st century.

Advanced degree

Master’s degrees and Post-graduate studies

Pre-undergraduate studies

Extension courses

Ongoing studies