Advanced degree in Music – Program: Music Education

The training of the future music professors of Spanish conservatories and music schools is an important priority for ESMAR and a must for society as a whole. What’s more, this is a strong employment option. Let us recall that the latest studies on professional musician employment in the west state that 72% are employed as teachers.

The majority of employers voice a concern about the initial weaknesses of young professors in terms of training. In order to prevent this situation and to assist our students, we have designed an ambitious curricular plan that corresponds to the needs of music education institutions.

It is our further intention to organize practical traineeships with music schools in Valencia and, as always, the selection of a faculty of the highest quality who is experienced in the hands-on management of these institutions and who know exactly which educational profile is needed.


Year One 60
History of Music and Musical Thought I 6
Music Theory and Analysis I 6
Instrument / Voice I 12
Seminar I 6
Orchestra I 6
History and Foundations of Music Education 6
Technology and Music Education I 6
General Music Pedagogy I 6
Legislation as Applied to Arts Education 6
Year Two 60
History of Music and Musical Thought II 6
Music Theory and Analysis II 6
Instrument / Voice II 12
Seminar II 6
Orchestra II 6
Music Education Theory 6
Technology and Music Education II 6
General Music Pedagogy II 6
Music Education Direction and Organization 6
Year Three 60
Performance Theory 6
Music Theory and Analysis III 6
Instrument / Voice 12
Seminar III 6
Chamber Music I 6
Psychology, Sociology and Music Education 6
The Pedagogy of Music Theory 6
Assessment Methodology in Music 6
Student Teaching Traineeship 6
Fourth Year 60
Instrument / Voice IV 12
Seminar IV 6
Chamber Music II 6
Research Methodology in Music 6
Conducting Techniques 6
Instrumental Pedagogy 6
Student Teaching Traineeship 6
Final Project 12