Pre-undergraduate studies

The pre-undergraduate program is offered exclusively by ESMAR to prepare students for entry into advanced programs.

What are pre-undergraduate studies?

The following requirements must be met to gain entry into advanced music studies: a high school diploma (or, for students older than age 25, having passed the university entrance exam) and passing the specific entry audition. The successful completion of professional music education programs is not required.

It is for this reasons that this course of study is considered an unregulated training program for those students who want to prepare for direct entry into advanced music studies without completing professional music education programs.

These pre-undergraduate studies aim to fulfill these students’ needs. After completing this program, students will have the necessary skills to successfully pass the specific auditions for entry into advanced degree programs in music.

Who can enroll in this program?

Any student who wants excellent training and would like to enroll in advanced degree programs in music. This student will have the opportunity to get a head start on their training with our faculty and begin to receive a high-quality comprehensive education.

Through this program professors are able to advise those students who have the necessary skills to commence with advanced studies before they turn 18. (In this case, they will need to pass an examination regarding their maturity level).

This via is suggested for students between 12 and 18 years old.

What is entailed in these studies?

Each student will be able to design their own educational program according to their interests, profile, and age. This program will primarily consist of Musical Analysis and Principal Instrument studies.

In addition, they will be able to take other courses to complement the above classes: Orchestra, Chamber Music, History of Music, additional Piano, etc.

The duration of these studies may vary according to their preferences, age, and the educational needs of each student. Furthermore, each student interested in this program will also undergo an individualized assessment carried out by the faculty members. This assessment will be the basis for the recommendations made to the student on the structure and duration of their pre-undergraduate studies program.

Pre-undergraduate faculty

The faculty for this training program will be the same as those teaching the advanced degree programs in music.

Classes include

  • 1 hour of individual instrumental classes.
  • 2 hours of Music Analysis.
  • The additional subjects that each student wishes to study.