Manuel Santapau has fallen under the spell of new music, creating his own musical imprint that is detached from the mainstream. He has received awards from several domestic and international contests and earned the highest grades at the Higher Conservatory of Music in Murcia. Then, in Valencia, he became part of the Castellon Symphonic Orchestra, as a soloist.

He began his violoncello studies in the primitive Lliria Band, under the wings of Mª Jose Santapau. His interests and his open-mindedness then took him from classical music – which will always be present and on which he received lessons and advice for years from Maestro Marçal Cervera – to contemporary music, which is now patent in his collaborations in ensembles such as Grup Instrumental of Valencia or the Ensemble d’Arts, and in his participation as founding member at Ensemble Espai Sonor.
Thanks to this, he has developed knowledge and he has researched current forms of expression, which have led him to participate at relevant international festivals such as Música Nova (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Festival SMASH (Salamanca, Spain), Festival ENSEMS (Valencia, Spain), Festival Opus (Bordeaux, France), Mostra Sonora (Valencia, Spain), Espirales Concert Series (Paris, France), and Klang Concert Series (Helsinki, Finland).

His collaborations with Jose Manuel López López, Voro García, Luís de Pablo, Héctor Parra, Alberto Posadas, Aureliano Cattaneo, Elena Mendoza, and Georg Friedrich Haas, have left a deep imprint on his evolution.

As a professor, he has taught in very different places such as the Conservatori Superior de Música de Castelló, the Conservatori Profesional de Música Mestre Vert (Carcaixent, Valencia, Spain), the Campus CellosMagics, as well as different courses and workshops where he delivers masterclasses each year.

Manuel Santapau has recorded several albums with Ensemble Espai Sonor for the Stradivarius record label.