I am a Piano Teacher with 25 years of experience. I teach children and teachers but the biggest passion for me is the Piano Methodology for small children and Group Lessons. In my teaching, I use the best, natural ways of playing piano and modern techniques of motivation and knowledge about child psychology. It helps my students to learn much faster and more effectively together with joy and enthusiasm. Involving parents in the learning process accelerates it and build stronger ties between parents and children. I also pass on all these principles and techniques to the teachers I train.

I teach children how to play the piano, not just some pieces, so they can achieve a level which helps them enjoy music throughout all their lives and become professional pianists if they want.

My students are prize winners at numerous piano competitions and perform at well-known musical venues.


  • 1998-till now, Suzuki Method Piano Teacher
  • 2003-till now, Suzuki Method Piano Teacher Trainer Directing Suzuki Piano Teacher Training, trained over 120 Piano Teachers from Poland, Estonia, Spain, Belgium and Ukraine
  • 2004-till now, Suzuki Method Examiner in Great Britain, Spain, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland
  • 2011-2014, Deputy of European Suzuki Association Piano Director
  • 2014-till now, Member of European Suzuki Association Piano Committee