Octavio Hernández Bolín is the director of a radio program, a digital journal and a recording studio, as well as being audiovisual producer for Nuestras Bandas de Música.
He has directed and produced the weekly radio program Nuestras Bandas de Música since December 2001, when he took the reins from his father, Octavio Hernández Torrado, with whom he had worked in production for this ten-year-old program since nearly his very start at the end of the 1980s.

He has collaborated and/or directed the program throughout its every stage with Popular FM (Grupo COPE), 97.7 Valencia Radio, Ràdio 9, Punto Radio Valencia, Ràdio 9 – Nou Ràdio, Gestiona Radio Valencia and Gestiona Radio national broadcast stations, as well as the current station, 99.9 Valencia Radio, on which it has been broadcast since 2016.

Starting in March 2002, he began to write special press articles in the daily paper Las Provincias, a news publication with ten years under its belt in the Valencia region. Ever since October 9, 2014, he has published a two-page weekly article every Thursday in the paper’s general edition, wherein he discusses aspects of Valencian music business news.

Between November 2003 and June 2011, he directed and produced the weekly television program Nuestras Bandas de Música on LP Teva, Las Provincias TV, La 10 and Popular TV del Mediterráneo.

Since 2003, he has also fostered Nuestras Bandas de Música’s work as a music label, recording studio and television producer. He has participated in the organization and recording of music competitions and festivals across Spain.

Under conductor Octavio Hernández Bolín, Nuestras Bandas de Música has received more than 30 accolades, noteworthy among them: the Euterpe prize for Best program in 2007, Premio Hermes in 2009 for Communications media, Premio Ateneo in 2006, Premio Orpheo in 2015 for Communications media, Premio Santa Cecilia in 2014, and Premio So de la Plana in 2017 for Communications media.

In 2007, the website www.nuestrasbandasdemusica.com was up and running as a Spanish daily digital publication, deemed one of the most-visited ensemble music websites in the Spanish language.

Simultaneously, he has worked as a concert emcee and event host upon request. In this role, the last 17 editions of the Certamen Nacional de Bandas de Música Ciutat de Cullera have been a highlight, alongside the all of the Certamen Nacional de Bandas Vila de Catarroja and Certamen Nacional de Bandas de Música de Cine Ciudad de Cullera events ever held, to name a few.