The essential objective of the ESMAR High-Performance Advanced School of Music is to provide superior music education to musicians who wish to acquire an excellent professional degree in a global work marketplace.

Students will enjoy personalized education that is adapted to their professional and/or personal circumstances, thereby receiving an elite education with the best instrumentalists and faculty in the advanced music education world on the international music landscape.

Our institution commits to providing excellence in musical training by recognized, prestigious professionals and through the retention of talent in our area to prevent the loss of our best artists to other countries.

The educational design and content of this great project is in the hands of Manuel Tomás Ludeña, a professional whose career in education and music education leadership stretches before him. Likewise, great maestros who are part of the ESMAR Academic Committee have also provided their counsel in addition to actively providing consultation for the tenured faculty.

The 2019-2020 ESMAR school year will see the delivery of advanced education and degrees in the program areas of Performance, Music Education, and Production and Management. This official training falls within the European Bologna framework, recognized by the Valencian Consellería de Educación, Cultura y Deporte (Decision dated January 24, 2018). Master’s programs encompassing a wide and diverse range of areas including music performance, music school and group direction, and musical production management are also in the process of administrative approval.

The programs of study offered by ESMAR help musical arts teachers to adapt to the evolving reality of a global market and make it possible for professionals to enter the market through the acquisition of essential cross-disciplinary skills.


ESMAR’s excellent curriculum rests upon the following pillars:

Prestigious, professionally-recognized professors

ESMAR’s greatest asset as an organization is its internationally-renowned musicians, who are active in the best orchestras, as well as our faculty in other academic areas, a staff which comprises leaders in advanced musical training.

Personalized academic and professional orientation

ESMAR will adapt its faculty structure to the personal and professional needs of the student in order to adequately harmonize their personal situation with their education.

Student talent retention

ESMAR tries to retain students with talent. To this end, admission is subject to rigorous selection processes entailing a specialist professor in each instrument as well as from the institution’s own executive board.

Comprehensive and specialized cross-disciplinary training

ESMAR aims to train students in excellence through a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary education program and the acquisition of the necessary skills for the practice of the musical profession in an ever-shifting work environment.

Arts internships

ESMAR will pair practical internships with top-level orchestras with the acquisition of the skills taught in conservatories and general educational institutions.


We maintain close ties with other countries interested in our educational model, especially China. This is why we engage in student mobility programs and promote employability in emerging areas where music education projects are needed. We also work to implement our educational model in Spain and in South America.