Student Orientation Department

ESMAR provides students with a personalized Guidance Department, whose purpose is to accompany students throughout the introductory stage and offers personalized answers to situations that arise during this time.

The Guidance Department aims to ensure that the training received by the student is not just about the curriculum, but rather deals with the evolution of the students in an integral manner, taking into account their needs, their personal aspirations and their personal learning history.

The department will have the following services:

  • A confidential student advisor.
  • A unit that deals with the health of musicians.
  • Psychology office.
  • Work orientation point.

The functions of the Guidance Department will be:

  1. To offer personal and confidential advice, allowing each student to share any questions or suggestions related to their personal situation, the center, and the teaching staff in total privacy.
  2. To put a professional musician health unit at the service of the students, in order to prevent and treat possible injuries related to musical practice.
  3. To provide specialized support and psychological help in the area of stage performance, as well as in personal development.
  4. To accompany the students in terms of academic and professional guidance; to establish links between the formative stage and the working world.

The Student Orientation Department will include the following:

  • Academic Director.
  • Director of Studies.
  • ESMAR Psychologist.
  • Student Tutor.