The Institution

From IALE International School, we extend our welcome to everyone interested in being part of our new educational project: ESMAR, the High-Performance Advanced School of Music.

Many years have gone by as we have worked for the cause of education in the Community of Valencia, starting when our forebears began this journey more than 50 years ago. Thanks to their work, we have built a respected private education center where more than 500 students are taught according to the comprehensive general education plan.

Our calling is to continue growing and being inspired. Some years ago, we decided that music was one of the basic foundations of our unique educational offer because we want music to be one of the legacies of the second generation of the Monzonís-Marín family. This is the basis for our firm and dedicated commitment to musical education.

It is with joy that we have joined Global Education Initiatives, the company behind ESMAR. We know in our hearts that we can contribute significantly to this new project, beginning with a successful journey in the world of private education in Valencia, where we have comprehensively educated generations of students. What’s more, we also contribute our facilities to this work, among which, the magnificent Auditorio Luis Monzonís auditorium stands proud as the fully-equipped independent structure that will house this new Advanced School to guarantee educational quality and excellence.

Starting now, our whole team and the school’s staff take on the responsibility and commitment of making this idea a reality, one destined to become a leading experience in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world, because if there’s something that we Valencians know to be synonymous with excellence and success, it is our centuries-old tradition of music and the excellence of our musicians.

Thank you for sharing this exciting adventure with us, starting here and now. Welcome to ESMAR!

Alejandro Monzonís